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This is the 10th Album of [001 Records Netlabel] and EOLO Record Label. Here you will find an interesting and warm music of the southern artist POLAR – from Patagonia Bambaataa Collective. This work comes from Patagonia, the extreme south of the World and is produced by Héctor Aguilar, one of the most active chilean musicians of the electronic music scene, part of the prolific band Lluvia Ácida. About de music style of Alpha State: Instrumental hip hop and the most exquisite displays of electronic music. Enjoy it!

Este es el disco número 10 del catálogo electrónico de [001 Records Netlabel] y EOLO Record Label. Un puñado de temas interesantemente cálidos del músico chileno POLAR perteneciente al colectivo de hip hop Patagonia Bambaataa. Este disco producido por Héctor Aguilar, miembro del prolífico grupo de música electrónica Lluvia Ácida nos trae a los parlantes temas de hip hop instrumental elegantemente tratados en un permanente paso hacia la electrónica y tintes DUB. Los invitamos a descargar y disfrutar de Alpha State.

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  • El derecho de samplear
  • Panoramica Polar
  • 1 Grado n’ Scala Beauford
  • Summer 68′
  • Neuro Cosmetika
  • Atlantico Sur
  • The first Super Group
  • Sample and Cut Discipline
  • Pingui Funk
  • Neuro Cosmetika (Materia Prima remix)
  • Green Turtablism

Music, arranged, produced and performed by POLAR



Polar - Héctor Aguilar